Who or what is niira?

Niira is the Japanese romaji of the name Neela, which is Niira (jC). Neela is the name of my first cat. I love her dearly. She is very beautiful (and knows it!) and is sooo sweet. She will be 8 years old in June of 2002, and will have lived with me for 7 years on Novemeber 27th 2001. Also, for a majority of the time online, Neela has been my nickname.

Why not neela.net ?

someone else has registered neela.com, .net, and .org. Since Neela and Niira are pronouced the same way (knee laah), I decided that I would use that instead. niira.net sounded better than niira.org or niira.com, thats why i choose it instead.