There are currently 6 semi-active pages done by myself.

 [smashing blue]
 my newest obession: Gravitation, a 13 episode tv and 2 oavs shounen ai series. contains some character information and images. Please note this page does contain shounenai (boy x boy / m/m) relationships. If you dont like it, try a different page =P

 [black cherry + two]
  small page of my more recent artwork. including some photoshop tutorials!

  my blog. serves as an "about me" page also. expect babbling, random weirdness, and nothing very coherent ^^;

 [oekaki bbs]
  just as the title says, an oekaki bbs!

 [ragnarok screencaptures]
  screencaptures from the game ragnarok online

  random scans, winamp/icq skins, and wallpapers.

more pages being hosted!